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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What does BSE offer ?
    Business Solutions Enterprises, through its "Strategic Partners" can identify REFUNDS, DISCOUNTS, CREDITS or SAVINGS, on your companies TELECOMMUNICATIONS bills, such as Voice, Data, nternet, Phones, phone Systems, VoIP Solutions, Gas Utilities, Electric Utilities and Much More...........

  2. How does BSE do this ?
    Business Solutions Enterprises will meet on premise with you and review your utility accounts to determine if we can, in fact, offer help to your company. We begin by collecting your bills to review, and discuss your needs and requirements to identify your solutions.

  3. How does BSE get paid, and what's in it for me (WIIFM) ?
    Business Solutions Enterprises can offer a fee basis. Based on a pre-negotiated amount that both parties agree to, that includes a designed plan, and scope of work to be performed. The amount and term will be negotiated at that time.

  4. Can BSE offer a straight contingency plan with NO up front costs ?
    Yes, Business Solutions Enterprises can offer a pure contingency 50/50 plan. Each party benefits from the costs savings. We are paid from the successful capture of credits, refunds, discounts, or savings.

  5. Can BSE offer any other plan to help our company on reduced costs ?
    Yes, Business Solutions Enterprises can offer a hybrid program, which will be crafted by both parties to include a flat rate fee + a percentage of the savings realized. You choose all vendors and providers and BSE insures the most efficient cost plans for your solutions.

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